New Hooks!

I love, love, love my new hooks!!!  I went out this past week and bought all new hooks.  Now, I’m all for being a loyal person.  My grandma taught me to crochet with Red Heart yarn and a Boye crochet hook.  Well, I really like Red Heart yarn and I own every hook made by Boye.  I will continue to use Red Heart yarn but I refuse to continue my loyalty to Boye crochet hooks.  I’m really sorry, Grandma.  They snag my yarn, they drag really bad, drop my yarn constantly and they just all around make me nuts.  I decided to try Susan Bates Silvalume hooks and it’s like a whole different crochet world.  No snagging my yarn, no dragging, no dropping stitches and just an all around great feeling hook.  I love them.  Did I also mention that Susan Bates hooks are made by none other than the makers of Red Heart Yarn?  I guess I didn’t, but they are, so I guess technically I’m still being loyal to someone. Oh, and I also have all the sizes of Crystalites plastic hooks as well and they are just as good.  They do stick a little but I’ve used the trick from Crochetville about running wax paper over them and it works like a charm.  I think I’d also like to try the Bates Quicksilvers.  Well, I’m off to finish my next project… a couple of purses for one of my docs 2 little girls.  Will publish pics when I get them done.  Talk to you soon…

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